The Author of Predicaments

open bookWhenever I’m reading a novel, I love coming to the end of a chapter and turning the page  to the start of a new chapter. It’s just a refreshing moment that combines a sense of closure with the promise of new beginnings, new plot developments, new adventures. But the best authors always write their characters into a particularly harrowing predicament at the close of each chapter. I’d wager that you’ve never read a book or seen a movie that didn’t have a serious dilemma — even Cat in the Hat was distressing to the poor kids (“Susie and I did not know what to do!”). In fact, that’s what makes a story good — the more perilous the hero’s plight, the greater the story. That’s why I am so thankful that the Author of our story always writes the perfect endings — he never fails to tie up all the loose ends; never wastes a single plot element. What a cool privilege to be in His story! (reminds me of this blog I read yesterday)
The author of the book of Hebrews refers to Jesus on two occasions as “the Author” (ἀρχηγός). What is interesting about those passages, is that, in the context, both of them directly refer to the notion of “perfection through suffering”. The idea seems to be, that when it comes to faith, one is only “complete” or “finished” (τελειόω) when he has “endured the cross”, so to speak. What is even more remarkable about these passages, is that in both cases, it is the Author Himself who had to endure the suffering.

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