The Matrix is REAL.

I just watched the Matrix with Connor for the first time the other day. (First time for Connor, that is; I saw it once 12 years ago.) I’d forgotten how messianic it was. And how spiritually impactful. [Trinity: “What’s going on? What’s he doing?” Morpheus: “He’s starting to believe.”] Once Neo began to believe that the world is NOT what he had always assumed it was — that there is another Reality – a truer one, THEN everything was different. It is really starting to dawn on me how true that is — that the things I see and hear and taste and feel is just not the real reality. Only the Kingdom is.

Earlier today I was out in the garage by myself and lost my temper in a momentary fit of frustration and depression. And then God said to me, “Neo, that stuff is just not real. The stuff you’re worried about and all strung up over – it’s not real. Look past it. See the Kingdom underneath it all.” I took a deep breath and instantly just felt peace and calm again. I thanked the Lord that my family hadn’t been around to take the brunt of my temper, and then I was able to walk back into the house to be with them again without that dark cloud hanging on me.

That’s the Kingdom of God. It’s REAL, and it is HERE – all around me – inside me. THAT’s what Jesus was talking about (in fact it was practically all He could talk about). The Kingdom is Truth – God’s truth. Nothing else matters. Temptations are a lie. Worry is a lie. Fear is a lie. It is irrelevant, unnecessary, and useless. Lust, pride, anger, ego, appetite for bacon – it’s all part of the Matrix that seems so real because we haven’t yet been unplugged. But once we are – once we really believe – we can start to simply, calmly and decisively say, “No.”
That’s when the Agents glance at each other… and start to run away.

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