Looking for Clues (on a "Need to Know" Basis)

confidentialIn many ways, I am not qualified for the job I have. But don’t tell anyone. It turns out, in a crazy way, I am qualified. Let me explain…
I was given a “job description” when I was hired. In my interview, I warned them that I didn’t have a whole lot of experience in that particular role, but that I could learn quickly, and that the experience I did have was (in my opinion) something they could use. To be honest, I knew it was a long shot. So I was blown off my seat when they actually called me back with an offer. Now that’s a God thing there. (In point of fact, I actually did predict to my son while I was still unemployed that God would give me a job I was not qualified for — because I knew that was His way of teaching me true dependence upon Him.)

Of course, I immediately started studying as intensively as I could — and I continue to do so — but the cavern of what I “do not know” in this field far out-matches the frantic shovel-fulls of knowledge I’m trying to throw into it.

So, I’m not qualified in the “fully prepared for anything that might come up” sort of way. (Or even in the “fairly prepared for the most likely contingencies” sort of way either!) It seems that God has apparently classified the information necessary for such qualifications as “Need to Know”, and at the present point of time, I just don’t need to know. BUT (and here’s the radically cool thing) He knows exactly what I will need to know tomorrow, and He keeps on supplying me with that knowledge just in time! It’s uncanny, actually. But I am learning to expect it.

And it is making me more attentive.

I’ve learned that God loves to pepper my life with important clues. Like a good detective story, there’s always hidden details that will become important later on. So I’m learning to be extremely observant, knowing that none of the people I meet, the things I read, the conversations I have, or even the boring meetings I attend are random. God is preparing me for tomorrow. I could list 3 dozen occasions in just the last month where little pieces of information I just “happened” to come across turned out to be just what I needed to know a few days later. And each time it happens I look up to heaven and smile and see my Father winking back at me.

I remember Tony Campolo used to tell this hilarious story about attending a prayer meeting with this long-winded fellow who described to the Lord every trivial detail about some guy in trouble, down to the directions to his house. Tony’s consternation intensified by the minute. But later that day Tony just happened to run into this troubled-guy (not knowing it at first, but figuring it out in conversation), and was able to use every detail he had learned in that blustery prayer to radically impact that guy’s life and lead him to the Lord.

The Lord has been doing the same thing for me lately, and I can’t tell you how invigorating and fun it is! I’m learning that my best qualification is how unqualified I am. I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I am finally learning to enjoy living by faith.

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