Planting Seeds in Public Forums


From time to time, I enjoy reading the articles on, including the comment threads. These threads are most often dominated by very liberal-leaning pundits (as well as a few ultra-conservative wackos who unfortunately give conservatism a bad name, in my opinion). Usually I read the comments with mild amusement and without response, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. So occasionally I try to plant seeds — respectful, thoughtful observations from a Christian’s (or, at least, Theist’s) viewpoint. I like to think that they might somehow be useful in some distant reader’s spiritual journey. At least, I expect, it couldn’t hurt. So anyways, here’s the wry comment (from an article about the possibility of extra-terrestrial life) that prompted me to chime in:


And here was my (typically over-long) response:

I’ll admit it: I am a creationist. Not because of science, mind you; nor yet *in spite* of science (as Science has never claimed to DISPROVE creationism by any account; nor could it). I simply CHOOSE to believe in a Creator, just as you choose to believe in his absence. We each have our reasons (both philosophical and historical), and — if we had the time to discuss them — we would likely find that most of our reasonings are, for the most part, fairly self-consistent and… well, reasonable. Where we diverge is not so much in our conclusions, but in our foundational presuppositions — which are always outside the realm of “proof” anyway.

I believe in God because I know Him. Just as my dog believes in me. (Although I suspect my cat doesn’t.) My dog can’t prove me. Such proof, if it exists, would exceed his intellectual capacity. But he is at peace in his simple belief, as am I. Clearly, this line of thought is not persuasive to anyone who has begun with a different presupposition; I certainly don’t intend it to be. But my faith satisfies MY intellectual and emotional yearnings and makes me, I think, a better person. (Not a better person than YOU, of course; just a better person than I would be otherwise).

I say all this just to remind you (in the most respectful way I know), that despite the implication of your witty comment (which did make me chuckle, by the way), creationism isn’t, in itself, ANTI-intellectual. We simply believe that not everything that is knowable can be known by mere deductive logic from first principals. If you have been happily married for very long, you might concede that this rings true (with regard to “knowing” your spouse, that is).

Hope you don’t think I’m trolling. Your comment just got me thinking, so I decided to share. I guess I’m rambling now. So I’ll stop.

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