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I don’t remember exactly what the topic of our conversation was —  I was probably whining about some frustration I had at work, or maybe complaining that my job didn’t seem very “significant” in the grand scheme of things.

That’s when my friend Dave asked me a piercing question. He said, “Kevin, imagine for a moment that your church raised your support and appointed you as a missionary… to your office building. How would that change your attitude about work?”

That question stopped me cold and convicted me deeply. Because, of course, I have been called as a missionary to my office. God gave me this job (miraculously, by the way), and He has appointed me to view it as my mission field. And while I have always known that, there was something about Dave’s question that made it much more real to me.

So, I have finally decided to do something about it. Something real. I’ve been thinking about doing this for years, but I’ve never had the guts to actually give it a go. But this week it’s real: I’m starting a workplace Bible Study. I got permission from my boss and H.R. to use one of the conference rooms, and I have found one other Christian to join with me. I even made some business-card invitations:

guys bible study (work)

I know very few Christians in the building, but that’s okay because that’s not who I’m planning to invite, primarily. I have several non-churched friends, and they are the ones I am praying for.  And so, tomorrow, I plan to make the rounds to invite them. Quite frankly, I am scared to death. It will probably be quite awkward, walking into their office and saying, “Yeah, I uh, know you haven’t gone to church in the last 10 years, but how would you like bringing your lunch into a conference room once a week to talk about the Bible?” But, Lord willing, that’s exactly what I plan to do. It’s exciting and scary and nerve-wracking and feels like the most adventures thing I have done in years.

When I confessed my lingering doubts about this whole idea to my partner (who’s been meeting with me to pray about this for the last few weeks), he encouraged me by saying, “We could fail at a far less noble goal.” Indeed we could.

I would sure appreciate any other prayers that any of you might be willing to cast up on our behalf. Like — you have no idea how much I would appreciate it! Because, after all, if I am going to be a missionary, I really need to have prayer support.

So consider this my first missionary prayer letter.

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5 Responses to Workplace Missions

  1. The 1994 Kevin Mote would be all over this. So would the 1988 Kevin Mote with some 1988 Paul Anderson mixed in for good measure. The vintage 1991 Dr. Kevin Mote of The BGEA would have lapped this opportunity up like a kitten on a pan of milk.

    I will be praying the 2016 KMote will join forces with the “88” and “91” and “94” Kevin Motes and that God’s Love would abound in your heart in wisdom and understanding with all who connect with your efforts.

    Be assured of my prayers brother!

    • kmote00 says:

      Dr. Rev. Sir James R. Small: dude, you never fail to rock.
      By the way I am delighted to see that you finally received your doctorate along with your ordination — and you got knighted too! It certainly has been quite a month, hasn’t it!

      • Revy James says:

        Kevin, Thank you for noticing that I had a great month. Im thinking this month I might try for my pilot license and go for my Navy Seal Card.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi Kevin, I haven’t really gotten into Facebook but decided to look around a bit this evening and saw your picture – what a wonderful looking family. I appreciate your endeavor at work – such an act can not only change the lives of others, but it can change us too. Blessings to you and your family.

    • kmote00 says:

      Kevin, what a neat surprise to hear from you! Your family looks wonderful too! Is that a graduating senior I see in your family? My oldest son is graduating next weekend too. (I can’t believe it!) I’d love to hear more about what the Lord is doing in your heart. Thanks again for the note!

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