Birds of a Feather


The birds all gathered at church one fine Sunday morning. They sat on straight rows and lifted their beaks in worshipful praise. When it came time for the sermon, Pastor Plummage stood before them and delivered a splendid message. He praised the Lord for all His bountiful gifts. He reminded his congregation of all the mercies that they had received. Together, they all gave thanks for their nests and for their daily meals. They praised their Creator for their strong legs and toes, for their sharp beaks, and for their warm and silky feathers in all their beautiful colors.

And then the Pastor rose to full height and, in a grave and glorious voice, sang a doxology, praising the Lord for that pinnacle of all His good gifts: their wings! At his bidding, the congregation all stretched out their wings, lifting them up towards heaven. Together they all expressed their profound gratitude for their Creator’s mercy and power. Then they closed their service with one final chorus praising God for the pinions and feathers, the sinews and strength of their wonderful wings.

And finally, with a smile on their face and joy in their hears,

    they all walked home.

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