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1 Peter 1:13 – A Devotional Commentary

Lord, You have given us far more than we could ever have dared to ask. Nevertheless, we boldly ask for one thing more: give us the strength and determination to say Thank You with our lives. For Jesus’ sake, Amen. … Continue reading

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A View From the Edge of Heaven

“Raphael, there you go again! Always standing at the brink!”
“Ah, Yuriel, I can never get over the view from here! You can see all of creation from this spot.”
“All of creation? Not hardly! All you can see from there is that little playground the Creator made. What’s it called again?”
“The ‘Universe’.”
“Yes, that’s it.” Continue reading

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Lessons from the Transmission

I’m no car genius, but I know when something’s wrong. My first thought was that my ’97 4-Runner had just lost its transmission, on a cold and snowy day miles from home. Thankfully, something else entirely was going on. Something I’m still chuckling about. Continue reading

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The Bible Tells Me So?

I was recently alerted to a blog post about Andy Stanley, a well-known pastor and one whom I have a great deal of respect for. The blog implied that Pastor Stanley is turning to liberalism, and suggested that he has begun to … Continue reading

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Bible Study, Day 1

It began today. I honestly had no idea what to expect. I invited 20 guys over the last two weeks to come to this weekly Bible Study, and I had no idea how many of them would actually show up. … Continue reading

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Workplace Missions

I don’t remember exactly what the topic of our conversation was —  I was probably whining about some frustration I had at work, or maybe complaining that my job didn’t seem very “significant” in the grand scheme of things. That’s … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough

For some reason I was more emotionally invested in The Super Bowl than I typically get in football games. This made the cattywampus ending particularly difficult to take. In the hours after the game, as I processed the grief, I … Continue reading

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